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                                                                      SBDM Agenda/Minutes



SBDM Council Members

Principal: Chad Butler
Recorder:Emily Pollock

Teacher - Michelle Funk
Teacher - David Phillips
Teacher - Shane Deaton
Parent - Jennifer Kelly
Parent - Kelly Holley

 Meeting Dates



The first step in implementing any changes begins with the committee process.  The following committees at Stuart Pepper Middle School offer recommendations to the SBDM Council.

Teaching & Learning Committee- researches various curriculum issues for the school, such as Writing 6 + 1, Co-teaching Strategies, Common Formative Assessments, Student Achievement Results, Open Responses, Graphic Organizers, Guided Study Hall, Academic Intercession, etc.

Renaissance Committee- coordinates events for the entire student body, such as the Renaissance Rallies and 9 week rewards for academic achievement, and develops community partnerships. 

School Climate and Culture Committee- focuses on building a safe, positive, learning environment which includes a review of Emergency Management Procedures and Protocols, as well as programs such as character education, staff/student recognition, and staff event planning.

Technology/Public Relations Committee- assesses the needs of the school in the area of technology and determines resources that best meet the needs of the students, leads training sessions for the staff to increase technological knowledge and instruction, and provides information to the local media.