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 Frank  Rogers  Staff Photo

Associate of Science - Elizabethtown Community College

Bachelors of Science - Western Kentucky University

               Major 1    - Middle School Science Education (MSSE)

               Major 2    - Science and Math Education (SMED)

Master of Arts in Education - Western Kentucky University

                                -Teacher Leader Program

                                -Currently Enrolled with 2 semesters to go?  Maybe 3?  You never know with Universities...


For Students:

I wish I had some... but no worries, we WILL have a ton of fun and you might just learn something...or get blown up with volatile chemicals???  Either way it will be an adventure....Ha Ha Ha (evil laugh)

For Parents:

I did my student teaching at Stuart Pepper, spent some time at Bowling Green Junior High, and now, once again, I am a proud part of the Science department at Stuart Pepper and hope to remain there for many exciting years to come. 



Hola, I am Mr. Rogers, and hopefully, I will enthrall you with every aspect of Science this year.  Let me begin by telling you why I enjoy Science as much as I do.  Science is for me because it helps me to explain all of the things that interest me.  Science gives me a means to grasp the intricate details of my many hobbies, such as, basketball, snowboarding, fishing, building things, etc.  Science explains everything around me and to tell you the truth, I kind of enjoy the thought that I understand my surroundings to the fullest of my abilities.