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A Journey to Academic Excellence

Renaissance isn't a program. It's a process that encourages academic excellence, improvement, and citizenship.

The Mission Statement:
Renaissance is a national education-focused program created to recognize and reward the academic achievements of students in middle school, hoping to spread to the other schools. Its primary goals are to increase student performance and teacher enthusiasm, and raise the level of community participation in schools.



Gold Card           A Gold Card is earned by receiving a

                                                   4.0 Grade Point Average.

Silver Card            A Silver Card is earned by achieving a

                                               3.5 -3.99 GPA w/o D's or F's.

Bronze Card          A Bronze Card is earned by achieving a

                                           3.0 - 3.49 GPA w/o D's or F's.

"E" Card             Awarded for 0.5 increase in GPA with no F's and

                                     by teacher nomination.


 Teams/Grades earn badges throughout the year for the following:

Renaissance Rally Award               Lunch Award                Spirit Award

Attendance Award - high%            AR Award - high %        Expectation Badge

Renaissance Award - high %         Community Service Award

Honor Roll Award - high %            "E" Award - GPA improvement